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Ariel Thompson



Academy of Arts and Letters

currently teaches

Elementary School


Elementary Mathematics

# of years teaching


Ariel Thompson feels incredibly grateful to be part of the MƒA community, taking full advantage of workshops, seminars, and meetings as the course catalog is released each semester. “MƒA’s professional development helps great teachers advance their craft and efficacy as an educator; always providing resources and practices that support professional growth.” And this past year, Ariel felt humbled to lead a workshop herself for the very first time. In the elementary teacher cohort meeting, “Standards-Mastery Scales in K-5 Math,” teachers collaborated to unpack dense standards into a meaningful progression of learning targets toward mastery of content and skills.

Ariel views teaching as a profession characterized by complexity and creativity. “Whenever I learn something new, I realize that I still have so much more to learn. I have never felt more challenged and fulfilled by any other professional or academic pursuit.” Her teaching philosophy centers around high expectations, strong relationships, and student achievement. “I love that I’m inspiring and equipping future leaders with the skills, knowledge and work habits that will help them be successful later in life.”

Ariel earned her M.A.T. in Teaching Elementary Ed and an ScB in Biology from Brown University, where she was awarded the Richard J. Gross Prize in Experimental Biology. She’s committed to a life-long teaching career and says MƒA has empowered her do that. “MƒA keeps strong teachers in the classroom for longer, ultimately enhancing experiences and opportunities for students across the city.”