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Andrew Zimmermann



J.H.S. 088 Peter Rouget

currently teaches

Middle School


General Science

# of years teaching


Andy Zimmermann considers himself endlessly curious. To him teaching is an outlet for his curiosity and gives him the opportunity to engage students’ natural curiosity as well. He strongly believes that taking this curiosity beyond the walls of his school is crucial to learning: “Students learn the most and my teaching is at its highest level of efficacy when students are solving actual problems within their communities. I want students to see the immediate value and importance of what they’re learning right away.”

As an MƒA Early Career Teacher, Andy understands the significance of being part of a community that exposes him to so many different perspectives: “It’s really important for new teachers to have other teachers available to talk to and work with, especially teachers who may not teach the same subject or go to the same school.” Andy says that the authenticity of the teachers he’s collaborating with during his MƒA fellowship has enriched him both professionally and personally. “We’re all here because we want to be here. We’re all mobilizing around a common purpose… MƒA makes me feel connected to my role as a teacher and a learner.”

Andy earned his B.A. in Interdisciplinary Science from Eugene Lang College at The New School and M.S. in Education from Long Island University. He’s currently co-leading the PLT, “Designing STEM Projects in Collaborative Middle School Classrooms,” where teachers create interdisciplinary, project-based experiences for students. Andy is a New York City DOE Model Teacher and recently co-wrote a two-year curriculum for the Resilient Schools Consortium, which is being implemented across six NYC schools hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy.