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Amanda Solarsh



J.H.S. 104 Simon Baruch

currently teaches

Middle School


General Science

# of years teaching


Amanda Solarsh is a big believer that a teacher never stops learning and growing. With something new to discover and teach every day, she has been continuously inspired throughout her 11-year teaching career. And the learning is amplified as part of the MƒA community: “No matter what course I’m participating in at MƒA, I’m always gaining knowledge because of the like-minded teachers who are just as passionate about their practice as I am. It’s amazing to be a part of, and unlike any professional experience I’ve experienced.”

Amanda incorporates much of what she does at MƒA back into her teaching and sees signs of future Master Teachers within her middle school classroom. She recently assigned her students to work on a project called “Circuit City,” loosely based off the hit TV show Shark Tank. Students used their creative thinking skills to identify problems that affect everyday life and can be fixed with a circuit. They then pitched their best product or idea to their peers. This gave the students a unique opportunity to garner positive feedback and input from their fellow classmates, mirroring the collaboration Amanda experiences as part of the MƒA community.

Amanda has a B.S. in Natural Resources from Cornell University and an M.A in Secondary Science Education from City College of New York. As a two-time MƒA Master Teacher, she recently co-led a mini-course, “Dive into Design Thinking and Explore Engineering to Support all Students,” where teachers created their own content-driven design challenges for their classrooms, connecting curriculum to real world applications. Amanda has presented at the NSTA National Conference for the past three years, was a 2014 Fund for Teachers Fellow, and received a STEM Education, Advanced Certificate from New York Institute of Technology in 2011.