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Alex Cristando



Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School

currently teaches

Middle School



# of years teaching


Alex Cristando first became a part of MƒA as an MƒA Early Career Fellow, aiming to refine his pedagogical skills to become the best teacher he could be for his students. Now, as a two-time MƒA Master Teacher, Alex’s ongoing goal is to bring all that he’s learned at MƒA back to his classroom. “Any teacher here in NYC is going to tell you that good professional development is hard to find. MƒA is the number one solution for that. The amount of resources and experiences I have gained from my ten years at MƒA has been more transformative to my practice than literally anything else.” 

In his MƒA fellowship, Alex is currently working alongside MƒA staff to build a new PLT from the ground up that will give MƒA teachers who are currently in leadership positions the opportunity to incorporate elements of the TRU Framework in their own work. He believes that excellence in mathematics is when every student sees themselves as a mathematician. “My philosophy is most grounded in the belief that every student sees themselves as an essential component of their classroom, and to always have some way to meaningfully contribute to whatever task they might be engaged in, regardless of rigor.” 

One resource that Alex has taken back to his classroom from MƒA is a series of Formative Assessment Lessons refined in the FAL PLT that Alex has been a part of for over three years. These lessons often provide a highly accessible structure for students to collaboratively engage in TRU mathematical thinking while simultaneously promoting student voice in mathematics for all students. 

“I work to make sure my students literally see themselves reflected in the classroom and to help create true belonging in the classroom…Getting to see my students from extremely varied backgrounds learn from each other in harmony is something that gives me hope for the future of my city, my country, and the world at large.”

Alex earned his B.S. in Mathematics Education from New York University and his M.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education from CUNY Brooklyn College. Alex has served as a New York City Teaching Collaborative Coach and a Brooklyn College Cooperating Teacher, where he mentored and coached student teachers.