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Who We Are
Math for America was founded in New York City in 2004. The mission of MƒA NY is to improve mathematics and science education in US public secondary schools by building a corps of outstanding STEM teachers and leaders. MƒA NY offers the MƒA Fellowship, MƒA Early Career Fellowship, MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship and MƒA School Leader Fellowship. The MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship is now open to both mathematics and science teachers. 

MƒA was the congressional model for legislation creating the National Science Foundation Teaching and Master Teaching Fellowships through the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program in the America COMPETES Act. MƒA was highlighted as an example of a program working to improve the quality of mathematics teaching in the 2010 President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology report to the President, “Prepare and Inspire: K-12 Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) for America’s Future.”

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Fellowship Opportunities
MƒA Fellowship

Starting in the summer of 2014, we are no longer accepting applicants for the MƒA NY Fellowship program. Read below to learn about our program opportunities for current MƒA Fellows.

The MƒA NY Fellowship is a five-year program where recent college graduates and mid-career professionals make a commitment to teach math in New York City public secondary schools. MƒA Fellows are mathematically talented individuals who are new to teaching.

How the Program Works
Year One: MƒA NY Fellows prepare to become a public secondary school math teacher.

  • Full-tuition scholarship for a master’s degree in Secondary Mathematics Education especially designed for MƒA Fellows at the City University of New York (CUNY) school, the City College of New York
  • $40,000 stipend

Years Two through Five: MƒA NY Fellows find a full-time position and teach mathematics in a public secondary school in New York City, attend monthly professional development workshops at MƒA and work with an advisor.

  • $60,000 in stipends over four years, in addition to New York City’s competitive teaching salary
  • Job search support, including assistance from MƒA in identifying schools, reviewing Fellows’ resumes and providing job opportunities through the MƒA online community
  • Mentoring from MƒA New Teacher Advisors who visit Fellows on a regular basis in and outside of their classrooms and offer guidance and support
  • Participation in MƒA NY corps activities and professional development workshops
  • Support and funding for national and local math and education conference attendance and participation

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MƒA Early Career Fellowship
The MƒA NY Early Career Fellowship provides professional support and growth opportunities to current new teachers of secondary mathematics in a New York City public school or recent graduates of education training programs who are certified to teach in New York City, have secured an eligible job, and are committed to ongoing professional development.

MƒA Early Career Fellows commit to attending monthly workshops throughout each of the four years of the Fellowship, and are offered a range of support including:

  • $60,000 in stipends over four years
  • Camaraderie with a cohort of outstanding secondary school math teachers
  • Mentoring from MƒA Early Career Advisors, veteran teachers who visit Early Career Fellows in their schools and provide instructional support and guidance
  • Professional development opportunities that enhance Early Career Fellows’ skills, knowledge and leadership experience such as monthly cohort meetings, subject-based Professional Learning Team Meetings and mini-courses
  • Generous funding for national and local conference participation, including the NCTM Annual Meetings, MathFest and the Park City Mathematics Institute, as well as classroom supplies

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MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship
The MƒA NY Master Teacher Fellowship in Mathematics and Science is a four-year program that rewards outstanding experienced public secondary school mathematics and science teachers. The program includes stipends of up to $60,000 over four years, and provides opportunities to design and lead high quality professional workshops, mentor early career teachers, and share innovations and best practices with like-minded colleagues.

MƒA Master Teachers are required to attend or lead seven sessions per year at MƒA, though many take far greater advantage of the professional opportunities offered to them. MƒA NY aims to support Master Teachers through a range of professional and leadership activities including:

  • High level professional development workshops that offer specialized opportunities to work with recognized leaders in the fields of mathematics, science and mathematics and science education
  • Monthly cohort meetings where fellow Master Teachers, outside experts, and MƒA staff provide new insights into ways of thinking about and teaching mathematics and science
  • Outside enrichment opportunities such as participation in workshops developed in partnership with the New York Academy of Sciences, being sponsored for a course with the New York City Math Circle, or attending the Park City Mathematics Institute
  • Leadership training courses for MƒA workshops facilitators and Department Chairs to provide Master Teachers with formal training in leading and teaching adults, both in the MƒA community and their schools
  • Professional Learning Teams, the cornerstone of MƒA’s professional development program, that are facilitated by trained Master Teachers and provide ongoing subject-specific working groups where Fellows and Master Teachers learn, investigate, and implement best practices on a monthly basis
  • Professional development leadership opportunities, where MƒA Master Teachers lead conversations with other members of the MƒA corps through mini courses and single session workshops on higher level mathematics and science as well as topics that investigate both content and pedagogy
  • Pre-service mentoring for the clinical training of MƒA Fellows in the CCNY graduate program in Secondary Mathematics Education
  • National leadership opportunities, such as presenting work at conferences, participating in national committees on the teaching profession, and serving as leaders in the mathematics education community, as well as financial support for conference participation
  • Membership and participation in a dynamic community of dedicated STEM educators across New York City

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MƒA School Leader Fellowship
The MƒA School Leader Fellowship is a two-year program for mathematics teachers who have moved into leadership positions in their schools. Geared towards school administrators who supervise the mathematics faculty, the MƒA School Leader Fellowship offers a mathematics-rich community for professional administrators in the New York City Department of Education who are looking for support to further the development of the mathematics community in their school.

The program offers professional support and enrichment opportunities, including:

  • $10,000 in stipends over two years
  • $20,000 in funding over two years to the school for the purposes of improving mathematics instruction
  • Membership in a community of administrators and the ability to connect with a mathematically talented cohort of colleagues who support their endeavors
  • Participation in a range of professional development opportunities, including monthly cohort meetings where new and veteran mathematics administrators interact with like-minded leaders
  • Funding for conference and workshop participation

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MƒA NY aims to build a corps of outstanding public secondary school mathematics and science teachers that ultimately transforms the teaching and learning of STEM subjects across the city. MƒA NY offers Fellows, Early Career Fellows, Master Teachers, School Leader Fellows and outside public secondary school teachers a Professional Development and Outreach (PDO) group. The PDO group, created in partnership with the IAS/Park City Math Institute (PCMI), supports mathematics teachers through workshops and outreach activities. By hosting a variety of professional development workshops, seminars and events MƒA NY keeps Fellows, Early Career Fellows and Master Teachers connected to one another and helps them to learn new skills and strategies.

MƒA NY encourages collaboration between its teachers through social events, such as dinners, softball games and an annual gala honoring MƒA teachers. Through the Small-World Network, an online community on MƒA’s website that’s accessible only by MƒA teachers, MƒA staff, Fellows, Early Career Fellows, Master Teachers and School Leader Fellows congregate, communicate and support one another on an ongoing basis.

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To learn more about our Fellowship programs, read the MƒA NY Fellowship FAQs, the MƒA NY Early Career Fellowship FAQs or the MƒA NY Master Teacher Fellowship FAQs.

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