Seminars & Events

New this year, we’re thrilled to share MƒA Thursday Thinks, a monthly speaker series held (typically) on the first Thursday of each month. Thursday Thinks feature thought-provoking talks from STEM experts – including scientists, mathematicians, authors, journalists and educators – that are open to MƒA teachers, their colleagues, and their guests. 

Upcoming Events

Oct 4 — The Art of Logic with Dr. Eugenia Cheng

Eugenia ChengFor thousands of years, mathematicians have used the timeless art of logic to see the world more clearly. Today, truth is buried under soundbites and spin. Arguments are becoming more and more divisive, and seeing clearly is more important than ever. In this talk, Dr. Eugenia Cheng will show how mathematics can be used to understand what people are really telling us. Taking a careful scalpel to politics, privilege, sexism and other real-world situations, Dr. Cheng will show how math can help us find clarity without losing nuance.

Nov 1 — Mangrove Mystery: The Missing Carbon with Dr. David Ho

David HoDespite their relatively small area, coastal ecosystems sequester a disproportionate amount of carbon compared to other terrestrial ecosystems. Carbon sequestered in these ecosystems by mangroves, seagrasses, and salt marshes is commonly referred to as Blue Carbon. There is a mystery involving mangroves. Even though these forests sequester more carbon per area than any other ecosystem on Earth and do so at a higher rate, over half of this carbon appears to be missing from the carbon budget. Dr. Ho set out to solve this mystery by conducting research on this missing carbon sink in the largest contiguous mangrove forest in North America, located wholly within Everglades National Park in South Florida. On this journey to solve the mystery, he strikes up collaborations with scientists in the United States, Australia, Vietnam, and China. This talk will touch on the scientific method, and also gives examples about how connections are made in science to further knowledge.

  • MƒA teachers should please register on the Small-World Network. Registration for the general public will open in early October.