The power of the MfA community

Influence & Policy

MƒA advocates for its model across the country. And since 2004 we have inspired the creation of seven independent programs. The most recent of these is the New York State Master Teacher Program. Launched by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2013, this publicly funded program supports more than 600 teachers across the state.

MƒA advises and supports policymakers who invest in Master Teacher programs as part of their state and local strategies for excellence in K-12 STEM education. In New York State, MƒA consulted with the Governor’s team to help design and tailor the MƒA model to their specific statewide needs.

The results speak for themselves. Now in its third year, the New York State Master Teacher program is an integral part of a statewide education strategy aimed at retaining the best teachers in order to create a world-class STEM learning environment for students.

"The New York State Master Teacher Program has grown exponentially since it was first introduced by Governor Cuomo, and has become central to our shared commitment of strengthening the education pipeline for students and teachers across the STEM disciplines.”
- Nancy L. Zimpher, SUNY Chancellor

In the recent Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title II money can now be used to create state-wide STEM Master Teacher programs based on the MƒA model.  


By recruiting the best and brightest teachers, this program is creating a quality learning environment for students and laying the foundation for tomorrow’s workforce.

- New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo