MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship

MƒA Master Teachers exemplify what it means to be an outstanding teacher. By becoming an MƒA Master Teacher, great STEM teachers are provided the support to keep doing what they do best – continuing to teach and making an impact on their students.

The MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship brings together exceptional, experienced public school mathematics and science teachers with more than four years of teaching experience who demonstrate profound knowledge of their subject, their students, and the complex craft of teaching. Through ongoing professional and leadership opportunities built by the teachers themselves, MƒA Master Teachers continue to grow, learn, and reflect on their teaching. MƒA Master Teachers also serve as leaders in their schools, in the MƒA community, and in the larger educational community by mentoring early career teachers, leading professional courses and workshops, and attending or presenting at conferences.

MƒA Master Teachers are actively changing the landscape of mathematics and science teaching throughout New York City.

Teachers are under immense scrutiny and pressure in this current landscape. As a Master Teacher, MƒA creates a comfortable and respectful environment, celebrating us and the teaching profession.

- Jude Julien, MƒA Master Teacher