MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus

MƒA has developed a new suite of opportunities for MƒA Emeritus, former MƒA Master Teachers who continue to engage in, contribute to, and benefit from the MƒA teacher community at large.

MƒA has a long history of staying in touch with our alumni, and a large number of our teachers have informally continued to be involved with our community upon fellowship completion. In recent years, our fellowship program has continued to expand, and as such, the MƒA alumni corps maintains steady growth.

Based on the interest and ideas from current and former MƒA Master Teachers, we formed the MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus, a program specifically for teachers who have completed at least two full years of their MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship, who are no longer part of the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship and who are still interested in continuing to participate in and with the MƒA community.

How It Works

MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus are invited to participate in the MƒA community in a number of ways. The MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus program provides the following options of engagement:

  • Invitation to apply for Emeritus Grants of up to $1,000 to be used for professional opportunities that further STEM classroom practice
  • Funding towards an annual membership subscription to a STEM teacher organization, including NCTM, NSTA, etc.
  • Access to the MƒA teaching community and membership in MƒA’s private online community, the Small-World Network
  • Open registration for available courses at MƒA each semester, as well as MƒA talks, lectures, and events, such as MT2: Master Teachers on Teaching
  • Invitation to attend MƒA social events and outings, as well as lottery to attend the MƒA Fall ƒunction


You are eligible to become an MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus if you:

  • Are a former MƒA Master Teacher who has successfully completed at least two years of a four-year fellowship
  • Continue to be the teacher of record for at least one mathematics or science class in your school.

A statement of intent, rather than an application, is required. Please contact us to learn how to join for the current school year.

I work in a small school setting. As MƒA Emeritus, it’s been so important for me to maintain a connection with the MƒA community to continue to get new ideas and resources.

- Jimmy Ma, MƒA Master Teacher Emeritus