How it works

Over the course of the four-year fellowship, MƒA Early Career Teachers – NYC public secondary school mathematics and science teachers in their second through fourth years of teaching – participate in our professional community and course offerings which enhance teachers’ skills, knowledge, and leadership experience.

During the first year in the fellowship, Early Career Teachers meet in monthly cohort meetings, which are co-facilitated by MƒA Master Teachers. These cohort meetings provide a space to learn, grow, and reflect on the teaching practice and to delve deep into content-specific pedagogy. MƒA Early Career Teachers are also paired with MƒA Master Teachers who serve as mentors and collaborators throughout the first year of the fellowship. During subsequent years of the fellowship, MƒA Early Career Teachers increase their engagement with the greater MƒA community through workshop participation, facilitation opportunities, and by taking on leadership roles at MƒA and beyond. The full catalog of professional development workshops is available to Early Career Teachers in all four years of the fellowship.

The MƒA Early Career Fellowship also provides:

  • $48,000 in stipends over four years to recognize participation in our community
  • A dynamic community of STEM teachers building best practices
  • Professional growth opportunities, including a wide range of high quality, STEM-focused, teacher-led workshops throughout the school year
  • A Master Teacher Mentor in the first year of fellowship

100+ professional development courses per semester

MƒA teachers participate in and lead professional growth and enrichment opportunities throughout the year, ranging in focus from mathematics and science content to pedagogical practice and leadership. Below is a sample of our course offerings.