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2014 MƒA DC Fellows at the Math on the Mall Tour of Washington DC, provided by Guy Brandenburg

Who We Are
MƒA DC was launched in 2008 with the goal to ensure excellence in mathematics teaching in DC public and public charter secondary schools by recruiting, training and retaining talented mathematics teachers over a five-year period.

In partnership with the Carnegie Institution for Science, MƒA DC offers the MƒA Fellowship as well as the MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship, which started in 2010. MƒA DC is a partnership with American University’s School of Education, Teaching and Health and Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Support is provided to MƒA DC by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship program, private foundations and individuals.

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Fellowship Opportunities

MƒA Fellowship

Starting in the 2014-2015 school year, we are no longer accepting applicants for the MƒA DC Fellowship program. Read below to learn about our program opportunities for current MƒA DC Fellows.

The MƒA DC Fellowship is a five-year program where recent college graduates and mid-career professionals make a commitment to teach math in public secondary schools. MƒA Fellows are mathematically talented individuals who are new to teaching.

How the Program Works
Year One: Prepare to become a public secondary school math teacher.

  • Full-tuition scholarship and fees for a Masters in Teaching (MAT) degree program in Secondary Education: Mathematics at American University
  • Extensive student teaching experience
  • $23,520 living stipend
  • Pre-service professional development and mentoring

Years Two through Five: Teach in a Washington, DC public or public charter secondary school.

  • $40,000 in stipends over four years, in addition to a full-time teacher’s salary in Washington, DC
  • Mentoring, coaching and support services
  • Participation in ongoing interactive professional development activities

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MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship
The MƒA DC Master Teacher Fellowship is a five-year program that rewards experienced secondary school mathematics teachers. The program includes stipends and financial support of up to $55,000 over five years, as well as leadership and professional development opportunities.

How the Program Works
Years One through Five: Receive training grants and stipends and continue to teach in a Washington, DC public or public charter secondary school.

  • $5,000 grant over five-year appointment for advanced math coursework at local universities, participation in national mathematics conferences and/or pursuit of National Board Certification
  • Additional $10,000 in stipends over five years
  • Teach for at least five years in a high-need school in Washington, DC
  • Participate in numerous professional development sessions, including work with MƒA DC Fellows
  • Contribute to establishing a community of DC mathematics teachers
  • Leadership roles with other Master Teachers and service on selection and interview committees for the MƒA DC Fellowship

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Professional Development

MƒA DC offers professional development opportunities to provide Fellows with the learning experiences needed to make a difference for their students, while helping Fellows become familiar with the DC educational community. During the first program year, MƒA DC Fellows take 15 graduate credits of mathematics and 18 credits of education and pedagogy coursework as part of the MAT program at American University. MƒA DC Fellows are placed in DC classrooms with an experienced teacher, and they spend a total of 500 hours in observation, participation and direct teaching. Each MƒA DC Fellow also works with a mentor who gives guidance from the beginning of the Fellowship. Once MƒA DC Fellows enter the classroom, they are supported through continuous training, opportunities to meet with other Fellows and Master Teachers for advice and participation in workshops and events to strengthen their teaching skills and mathematics knowledge.

In addition to the training grant that MƒA DC Master Teachers receive for advanced coursework and conferences, they participate in at least five professional development sessions annually and attend ongoing workshops with a strong mathematics focus. MƒA DC Master Teachers engage in leadership activities that can be implemented into their school district and have the opportunity to guide, mentor and provide professional development workshops for MƒA DC Fellows.

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