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Who We Are
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Who We Are

MƒA Berkeley was launched in 2010 to provide the most promising mathematics and science teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area with professional and leadership development opportunities, and a support community of engaged professionals. MƒA Berkeley offers the Master Teachers Fellowship to provide teachers the resources and professional support they need to excel in today’s urban classrooms. The program is a partnership with the University of California, Berkeley.

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MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship

The MƒA Berkeley Master Teacher Fellowship is a five-year program for secondary school mathematics and science teachers who have at least three years of experience teaching in a high-needs district in the Bay Area. The five-year program includes a $10,000 annual stipend, plus additional funds for conference travel, classroom materials, course fees, and other support for teachers’ professional development needs.

How the Program Works
Years One and Two: Professional Development for Classroom Teaching
During the first two years of the program, MƒA Berkeley Master Teachers participate in a sequence of professional development programs, including:

  • Project IMPACT (Inquiry Making Progress Across Communities of Teachers) professional development group, where MƒA Berkeley Master Teachers are supported to improve their instruction through documenting students’ progress and deep critical thinking.
  • Summer research through the Industry Initiative for Science and Math Education program (IISME), where Master Teachers develop lesson plans to bring aspects of the research experience into their classrooms.
  • National Board Certification with support from the National Board Resource Center at Stanford University. Master Teachers conduct an in-depth analysis of their teaching practices as they complete the portfolio necessary to apply for certification.

Years Three, Four, and Five: Emphasis on Leadership Development
MƒA Berkeley Master Teachers propose and carry out a professional and leadership development plan of their own design. Master Teachers are encouraged to begin to think about honing their skills as a teacher-leader. Potential activities include:

  • Partner with Cal Teach Berkeley for instruction, mentoring and field supervision of pre-service and beginning teachers
  • Complete advanced undergraduate or master’s level math or science courses
  • Participate in math, science or education research through campus groups and departments
  • Engage in leadership activities within their schools
  • Present at workshops and participate in professional development opportunities
  • Create and offer professional development activities within the school or district

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Professional Development

MƒA Berkeley offers a variety of professional development opportunities to encourage the development of an MƒA professional community where educators and researchers collaborate to improve mathematics and science education through individual, school and project based activities. Professional development workshops are designed to provide fellows the learning experiences needed to make a difference for their students. Simultaneously, fellows will strengthen their leadership skills while participating in enrichment and leadership activities that are provided throughout the five-year fellowship. Additionally, fellows are supported as they complete advanced level coursework and attend local, regional and national conferences.


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Contact Information

Katherine L. Reid
MƒA Berkeley
University of California, Berkeley
367 Evans Hall # 3860
Berkeley, CA 94720-3860
(510) 642-3251
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