Application Process

The 2017 applications for the MƒA Early Career Fellowship and MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship are now open.

Your application is the first step in becoming a part of the MƒA community. Qualified candidates must demonstrate knowledge and expertise of their content area, pedagogy, and knowledge of students, as well as a commitment to continued learning and collaboration.

For MƒA Early Career and MƒA Master Teacher candidates, your application is then reviewed, and selected applicants are invited to an all-day in-person interview. At the interview, applicants have an opportunity to share more about their professional work both in and out of the classroom by participating in group and individual tasks and interviews.

For the Renewal Master Teacher Fellowship (for Master Teachers currently in the MƒA community), all applicants will be invited to an individual, half-hour interview.

To apply for any of our fellowships, you will need to complete our online application and submit all supporting materials. See below for a checklist of the materials you’ll need to apply.

Fellowship Final Praxis Exam Date Written Application Deadline Interview Notification In-Person Interview Dates Acceptance Notification Program Start Date
Early Career May 19 May 22 June 16 June 29 - 30 July 7 August 2017
Master Teacher April 21 April 24 May 19 June 4 or June 10 - 11 June 28 September 2017
Renewal Master Teacher N/A February 1 February 7 February 13 - March 12 March 17 September 2017

What makes a great application?

We expect strong applications to demonstrate an exceptional understanding of your content area, expertise in pedagogical practice, and the ability to understand and meet the needs of your students. We are also seeking professionals who are constantly looking to collaborate with other teachers and contribute to the MƒA community by learning and growing.  

The specific selection criteria for each fellowship are listed below.

MƒA Early Career Fellowship
MƒA Master Teacher Fellowship
MƒA Renewal Master Teacher Fellowship

**Only for internal candidates who are in their final year of a Master Teacher Fellowship.**

MƒA offers a combination of amazing workshops led by my peers, as well as by other outside academics and experts. The opportunity to expand my professional network all over the city makes MƒA invaluable.

- Gilbert Papagayo, MƒA Master Teacher