Liz Simons

Liz Simons is chair of the board at the Heising-Simons Foundation. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s in Education from Stanford University, Liz taught high school English and, subsequently, Spanish-bilingual and English as a Second Language elementary school classes. She founded Stretch to Kindergarten, a summer early childhood education program designed to facilitate the transition to kindergarten for children with no or negligible prior preschool experience.

Liz currently serves on the Leadership Council of Too Small to Fail that seeks to improve the health and well-being of America’s youngest children. She also serves on a few boards, including the Foundation for a Just Society, a foundation committed to supporting women, girls, and LGBTI people who are marginalized throughout the world, and is a member of the advisory council for Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education. Liz currently volunteers in a high school journalism class at Eastside College Preparatory School in East Palo Alto, California. She and her husband, Mark Heising, have two children: Caitlin and Matthew.